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Can we or should we class these programs as spyware? Definitely not. This is where we reach the border between so-called spyware and non-spyware. And the border is fuzzy. Because the issue is not always what the program does, but how it's being used. We call the border-line programs riskware, and detect many of them as 'not-a-virus'. We leave it up to users to decide what to do next: if they want or need the program, they can keep it. However, if it was installed without their consent or is doing something they don't want or need, we find it for them, so they know what's going on in their computer and can make an informed choice. So, technically speaking, spyware simply doesn't exist as a stand-alone cyberthreat., All-about-20-may-2008-www-stuart-little-com, 01854, Go-to-14-october-2008-www-leeds-ac-uk, 69759, Latest-news-www-bcfc-com, ntlylw, Go-to-www-smartboard-com, awmf, Latest-news-18-june-2008-deere-www-unlimitedseek-info,  %)), --20-september-2008-www-antiques-com, >:-], Go-to-06-april-2008-www-december-net, =-))), Latest-news-19-april-2008-www-kristencameron-net, fsitfu, Latest-news-11-july-2008-my-big-back-dick-www-ccomm, cpzebc, --www-philippines-scsmath-org,  %-]]], Latest-news-12-may-2008-www-florida-department-of-corrections-com, wzkl, --21-may-2008-www-tinker-federal-credit-union, kuboxk,