Observational Techniques

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This course is given by prof. H. Van Winckel. It consists of 11 two-hour lectures given in the first semester. As course material, there is a 80 pages course, plus slides, plus some copies from other books. During the year, two exercises are given. You have to send in the answers in form of a paper before Newyear. The examination is personal: the professor prepares different questions about everyone's paper, which you can prepare and then you have to defend your paper during the oral part of the examination. Be sure to bring a print out of your paper, and a calculator!


Some example questions:

  • Can you tell which month will be ideal to observe the star you discussed in your paper?
  • Given the outflow speed of dust from an AGB star, and the temperature of the dust, can you calculate the time till the outburst? (This is an exercise that was solved in the course Radiative Processes)
  • Why are spectroscopic measurements seldom flux calibrated unlike photometric observations?